Curriculum Design

A Comprehensive Approach


Our curriculum consultation and design services enable schools to plan and adopt a school-wide storytelling curriculum. 


Choose a core literacy designs, with the option to add a core book curriculum. Or, an expansive creative curriculum delivering not only a meaningful context for literacy learning but also, content progression in science, social studies, and history, woven with opportunities for values and beliefs education. In this way, we weave threads of cultural narrative and spin webs of connection into a storytelling journey for all learners.


Organising learning in this way, around a story curriculum, can be taken as a small-scale school change action or as a full restructuring of learning throughout the school, often linking to existing topics in the curriculum.


We can support you with the key steps to teaching and learning the storytelling way, ensuring school leadership and support for teachers underpin your readiness for change. This may include helping you to:


  • Select the stories for 'storytelling' (listening & speaking).

  • Plan how teaching will fit around the stories.

  • Provide planning exemplars.

  • Consult with and persuade staff on the value of a planned storytelling curriculum.

  • Build-in mechanisms for management and review of progress. ​

  • Creating stories for your local curriculum.

At Storyways Literacy are writing, 'Stories for New Zealand Children to Hear and Tell' Our ever-growing collection of stories and non-fiction text are created to support storytelling in schools. They offer a journey through time, telling the tales of this land, its people, creatures and environment. Schools, who use our curriculum design service gain pre-publication access to a chosen selection of these. Ahead of publication, some of these will be available for purchase as electronic documents for you to share with your students.