Storytelling has superpowers.


  • The first power of storytelling - Holding Attention

​       Storytelling across all cultures and societies sustains and compels human attention.

  • The second power of storytelling - A Bridge to Books

​       Regardless of their current abilities with constrained and independent reading skills,   storytelling provides a bridge to books and literary experience.

  • The third power of storytelling - Wellbeing

​       Through stories, and what we glean from the thoughts and actions of characters, we  develop our own values, ideals, and moral compass.

  • The fourth power of storytelling - Words and Wisdom

       Storytelling extends and ‘deepens’ a child's thinking with the traditional stories, mythologies, legends and histories of their world.

  • The fifth power of storytelling - Unlevelling Learning

      Teaching the storytelling way is inherently inclusive.  Previously reluctant learners;    children labelled with a difference, delay, or disinterest, engage with storytelling, make progress, and earn the attention and praise of their peers.

Teachers around the world are reclaiming the powers of oral storytelling.


“I am totally passionate, hooked and in love with Storytelling! I know I am making a difference and looking at the outcome and success of my class, I know Storytelling has superpowers!“                                  Hannelie Bergmann, NE Yr 1 teacher, Waltham School