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Helping every child to read and write their story.


Life is all about communication. When we can listen, talk, read and write we have the means to form relationships, learn about the world around us, share ideas, play, create, invent and move through our life with purpose and satisfaction.

StoryWays Tuition is here to help your child to learn and create stories. Our tuition method uses storytelling as a platform to accelerate your child's skill in listening, speaking, reading & writing.


My Teaching Story

Personalised. Friendly. Quality Education.

My career began 30 years ago in Scotland. Since then I have taught, led and supported learning & teaching in three continents.

I have specialised in learning and behaviour support, amassing fun, creative, memory-enhancing strategies to support learners with specific learning and literacy difficulties. As a Resource Teacher of Literacy, I was able to accelerate and support learning for children with the highest literacy needs in their schools.

StoryWays tuition, a model for learning support, intervention and inclusion, brings together my expertise and proven strategies in a package to support children and parents.

As Founder and Director for StoryWays Literacy Ltd, I also work with schools and teachers across New Zealand, providing training and support to develop excellence in literacy teaching. This keeps me connected to the challenges of learning in today's classrooms. Many schools work with us to make storytelling the method foundation for their literacy teaching and learning school-wide and across their curriculum.

Using a storytelling method, where children learn to be storytellers before engaging with reading and writing tasks, I have watched many struggling readers and writers find the means to participate fully and accelerate in literacy learning.

I have adapted this method to suit time-bound tuition sessions and to offer advice for parents supporting their children at home.

I’m a patient, and creative Special Education Tutor ready to help your child gain their story confidence. 

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Teaching isn’t just ingraining information to memorise — it’s about providing the tools children need in order to think critically and succeed. However, without the foundation and essential skills to process visual and auditory information and to use memory to move forward in learning, our children become 'stuck' and demoralised, They have the potential to give up or to view themselves as 'not smart'. StoryWays Tuition harnesses and accelerates what they know about words and stories, and teaches story-making and story-telling, ensuring that your child can develop and demonstrate their creative language abilities.

Alongside this creative development, StoryWays teaches your child strategies to strengthen, compensate and overcome specific difficulties with reading & writing. Essential sound, word and sentence skills are core to each tuition session.

My method is engaging, multi-sensory, and hands-on! Little or no use is made of iPads and computers. The tuition programme is tailored to your child's individual needs and delivered with personal attention. In this way, I and your child, notice the nature of their difficulties and roadblocks.

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Liz, your expertise, your smile and your irrepressible enthusiasm for students will be sorely missed! You have been a true treasure for us in every way and have huge differences in the learning of our kids. We couldn't have done it without you. 

Melva Gill, 

Learning Advisor – Community Leader Yrs 4-6

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“I engaged Liz to tutor my son (year 8) after the early 2020 lockdown when I became aware that my son was struggling in spelling, reading and writing. He was scoring significantly under the expected levels in all areas, except maths. One-on-one tutoring with Liz has increased his confidence and given him the tools to approach high school with confidence. He comes out of tutoring bouncing and happy. He has gone from refusing to read, to reading novels and enjoying them. Spelling will always be a challenge but he can now approach it in a systematic way. His writing has gone from very basic sentences with no capitals or punctuation and almost illegible, to full-on interesting, readable stories in 8 months.


My son has a diagnosis of dysgraphia and dyslexia and will always have learning differences, but he now has the confidence and tools to approach all aspects of literacy and achieve good grades. He is now at a level to enter high school with confidence and at the same level as the other kids. Liz is easy to talk to and approachable for parents and students.


I cannot recommend Liz enough, I firmly believe that she has changed my son’s learning outcomes for life.”


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