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StoryWays Literacy - Our new look.

Our website has been updated. Take a look at how we are changing and how we are staying the same.

Thank you, to our network of storytelling teachers for your wonderful support and growing excellence in teaching the storytelling way. Your creative teaching and belief in storytelling pedagogies have inspired us to confirm our business direction and commitment to a business for good model.

We will continue to offer a comprehensive range of training and professional development options for individual teachers, whole-school and communities of learning. Training will always be delivered through a highly participatory and practical model, led by highly experiencd teachers. ‘Oracy first’ will always underpin our literacy learning hierarchy.

Our next step is to secure investment from New Zealand businesses that will support schools to access coaching and mentoring from our advanced storytelling teachers. In this way employers will be helping to grow confident, articulate communicators and thinkers; the future employees, leaders, mothers, fathers, partners, friends, and community of Aotearoa.