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Not sure about blogging!

I not sure how much Storytelling Schools NZ will enter into the world of the Blog? I know that our growing community of Storytelling Teachers use regular conversations to inspire and support their journey to excellence in the craft of teaching using the STS method.

On a personal level, one of the best outcomes in taking this Storytelling Schools journey has been the people I am meeting along the way. Teachers who are creative, reflective, inspire and support others, question and refine their teaching, and smile when they relay tales of achievement, fun and excitement in their classrooms.

So, I thought I would start by 'stepping through' the years of inspiration and support I have had to get me to the point of leading STS NZ.

Here is my list of acknowledgement and thank you's;

Mary Ryan Gillespie (Principal, Pirniehall Primary, Edinburgh) - As a beginner teacher I learned so much and certainly ignited my passion for literacy teaching.

Bryan Patterson (Perth & Kinross Ed, now Principal, Trinity Academy)- When I was a young Principal, Bryan gave me lots of prods in the right direction and I learned much about inquiry and tackling 'change'.

Pauline Godber (Senco, Hillmorton High School, and now Mt Albert Grammar) My first steps into learning support were with Pauline as mentor.

Linda Esslemont (Seabrook Mckenzie delivering SLD Diploma training & RTLit) - Helping me move forward with a deeper understanding of learning difficulties and differences.

Gaike Knottenbelt (Founding Principal, Seven Oaks) - We only worked together briefly but the inspiration was big!

Not forgetting; Kay Lough (great conversations) Julie Jennings (keeping it real and making my sides ache laughing) Caroline Morritt & Judy Sachdeva (total belief in the method, being there to keep me going, honing their training expertise, writing & thinking) Pene, Mike, Anna, Jaquie, Kristine, Sarah, Josh, Lorraine and our first Christchurch Storytelling Schools.

And of course, Dr Chris Smith.(Founder & Director Storytelling Schools)- From moment I watched a video clip about Storytelling School, the moment I told my first story, my first conversation with Chris, and then working with Chris when he took up my invite to NZ, I have been sure of the value, validity and power of what Chris has created. To have Chris guide me to be the best STS trainer I can be is a privilege.

And special thanks to the other important Dr in my life, Graeme Swanson - for everything!

If you have burning issues, things to celebrate or conversations you want to begin then please send me your blog suggestions.​


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