Our PLD Training Packages


(1st level 18 hours)

A comprehensive 18 hour PLD package enables a school to roll-out a school-wide storytelling approach to literacy, beginning with a full teacher-only day launch into learning.


Teachers learn about storytelling methodologies, develop pedagogical knowledge, and gain an understanding of the science of learning in this way. Each teacher can gain the skills and competence to take immediate action using storytelling to drive their literacy programme. For most schools, expertise in teaching the storytelling way is easily and quickly attainable.


Option 1: PLD Package 1 - 1 full-day+ 4 twilight workshops

Option 2: Taster Day- 1 full-day that can then be upgraded to a full PLD Package 1 



(bespoke package)

Schools striving for excellence may purchase additional training to consolidate and extend teacher expertise. Bespoke packages for new and existing staff are only available for established storytelling schools. We can help you to integrate learning across your curriculum. Options to add on curriculum design and targeted support.​