Our PLD Training Packages
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Storytelling in Action - Take a Look - Class Story Day

Try before you buy! We offer an in-class experience. See storytelling ways of learning and teaching in action with several parts of our teaching sequence delivered during a story immersion day with one class.

Single School PLD Package (Inclusive of -1 Full-Day & 4 twilight workshops. Or delivery structure to suit CoL /Kāhui Ako)

A package of training, support and resources that enable school-wide adoption of the ‘storytelling way’ and pedagogy Working with school teams to unpack and explain the science of learning within a literacy learning hierarchy. Our demonstration and participatory training model allow teachers to experience first-hand the joy, creativity and engagement offered in an ‘Oracy’ driven story approach. Training takes your team, step by step, through each core element in our teaching model: 

  1. Telling & listening

  2. From Memory to speaking

  3. Loitering with and exploring contexts and ideas.

  4. Shared-writing as story-changers and story-makers

  5. Application to non-fiction. 

Training is staggered for progressive in-class adoption. In subsequent years, schools may purchase additional PLD training to consolidate and advance team expertise to excellence.

Advanced Storytelling Teachers (Delivered face-to-face in Canterbury, hybrid/zoom in other regions)

A series of six twilight workshops. This course is for those wishing to develop a deeper pedagogical understanding and excellence in teaching using storytelling ways. It is for experienced storytelling teachers wishing to refine skills, share success, lead & support school development. Contact us to register your interest in future courses.

Extension and Top-up training

Selected elements of the teaching progression from speaking to writing can be purchased as single focus workshops with options for full-day, half-day, or as two-hour twilight tasters. Focus elements could include; year-level focus, nonfiction, topic inquiry using storytelling methodology (ie, science, history, social studies), Play-Based learning with stories.  This service is ideal for established storytelling schools and teachers wishing to hone in on specific areas, increase expertise, pursue excellence or revisit specific teaching elements.

Leadership Liaison

Mentoring literacy leadership: Demands on education leaders are fast-paced and evolving. A leader’s knowledge and understanding of literacy development and excellence in literacy teaching are paramount to effective education and critical review. We assist leaders to recognise what they know, what they need to know, and to gather and interpret ‘the evidence within and beyond their schools’. We work with you to co-construct and develop a critical pathway for school improvement in literacy outcomes, providing a framework for action, monitoring and appraisal to assist in putting oral language at the centre of teaching and learning.