Each nonfiction digital unit includes; the text for telling, a plan for teaching it the storytelling way, audio to support teachers in learning to tell, an example of word-for-word nonfiction mapping, and suggested links to our narrative texts. The creative plan format is produced with the trained storytelling teacher in mind. With two levels for telling, Zealandia offers an explanation text for the geological formation of Australasia & Antarctica. Zealandia pairs well with several of our, 'Stories for NZ Children to Hear and Tell.’ The explanation concludes with the phrase ‘our land at the bottom of the world,’ a phrase repeated in some of our other stories. Cumulatively, StoryWays Literacy stories and ‘nonfiction for telling’ are aimed at fostering and supporting a sense of guardianship for ‘our special place.’ Big and Round and Green and Blue; a simplified text for younger learners offering an ‘awe and wonder’ explanation, planting just enough seeds of knowledge and content to support future earth science learning. Spoken communication, just as in written is usually a hybrid of text/communication types. Zealandia’s narrative non-fiction style (facts told as a story), uses 'big ideas and big picture thinking' to convey a sense of place and belonging for ‘each child’ in our land.

Zealandia - school user licence (Nonfiction for telling)

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