Each digital story unit includes; the storytelling text, a plan for teaching it the storytelling way, audio to support teachers in learning to tell the story, and a text for story reading. The creative plan format is produced with the trained storytelling teacher in mind. The Wayfinder tells a story of one small boy and his people's journey to a new land; a voyage of peril, tragedy and survival in the Pacific Ocean. Use it to support historical imagining and to consider the guardianship of knowledge. The story carries content to learn about the ways of the Wayfinders and offers a doorway into cross-curriculum learning in Earth Science, History & Geography. Your digital purchase for the Wayfinder includes two levelled versions of the story; one full independent narrative and one shortened story with participation.

The Wayfinder - group licence

  • Each of our story resources is offered with 3 licence options. School; as a school-wide resource. Group; as a syndicate resource. Single; sole user.

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