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Lisbeth Swanson

Director & Lead Trainer

Liz established StoryWays Literacy following an extensive period of inquiry, collaboration and practice in oral language intervention. She has over 30 years of experience in education, including a Principal position and working in support services. First and foremost, Liz is a classroom teacher, passionate about bringing a storytelling approach to the forefront of learning and teaching. She has seen first hand where teaching the storytelling way can transform student engagement and accelerate reading and writing outcomes, Liz enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise to help every teacher bring creative and effective teaching to their kete-aronui (basket of pursuit). 


Judy Sachdeva

Co Writer & Editor

Judy has been involved in the development of our organisation right from the start. She has many years of experience as a classroom teacher, Senco, Gifted & Talented coordinator and team leader. Judy has proven excellence in teaching the storytelling way and has raised the confidence and aptitude of many young writers. Most importantly to our future development, Judy writes stories and non-fiction text that will be published with our own storytelling materials, a publication that will support learning through our diverse New Zealand narrative.


Caroline Morritt

Advanced Storytelling Teacher

Caroline is a strong advocate for teaching using a storytelling method, initially providing feedback and data as a teacher in one of our pilot schools. Caroline now works as a Resource Teacher of Literacy but continues to support our advanced teacher programme and to write materials for future publication.


Collaboration UK

2016 - 2018

StoryWays Literacy began its journey through teacher inquiry. This included the opportunity to visit schools in the UK where a storytelling approach was well established. During this time we were fortunate to work and collaborate with Chris Smith, Director of Storytelling Schools in the UK. In 2016 and 2018 we contracted Chris to provide training and support to our pilot school educators. This cumulated in a conference for our five pilot schools in September 2018 where Liz & Chris offered training & networking for 'deeper' learning and expertise.​


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