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Storytelling methodologies are proven to accelerate spoken language and communication. Over many years, we have researched and visited schools using story immersion methods to ignite and anchor their literacy learning pedagogy.

(Talk 4 Writing, Helicopter Stories and Storytelling Schools, Storyline) When storytelling ways are central to literacy education, they offer a powerful tool of engagement, motivation and action to address spoken language delay and deficit. Good practice in teaching the storytelling way leaves no child behind.


At StoryWays Literacy we have developed a core pedagogy and teaching model.  When applied day-to-day, teaching and learning are aligned to a literacy learning hierarchy, scaffolding and supporting learner progression. You will learn to follow a sequenced teaching path that targets the fundamentals of memory, thinking and communication, and licences both student and teacher to have fun with language. It is our norm to see students and teachers become deeply invested in the process.


Across Canterbury and beyond, schools are adopting our storytelling way. We have developed a culturally responsive practice that offers inclusion, acceleration and 'Wonder'. What began with 5 pilot schools and a period of inquiry, has morphed into a community of storytelling schools and teachers sustaining and benefiting from the magic and wonder of storytelling at the heart of learning.


Our common feedback and monitoring identifies:-

  • Previously reluctant writers engage in storytelling and writing. (especially boys!)

  • Students with the highest learning needs experienced real inclusion in learning. (SLD Friendly)

  • Joy at the honouring of many specific cultures and religions.

  • An acceleration in spoken language skills; vocabulary, fluency & expression, confidence.

  • Measurable & meaningful changes in student motivation and capability to compose and communicate in written form.

  • Fluid integration of decoding and encoding skills.


As well as helping teachers to develop expertise in literacy teaching, we can show you how to embed our pedagogy into a Storytelling Curriculum that will serve literacy progression from foundation through to year 8 in your school. (Or a design for intermediate to Yr 10)

A well-planned story curriculum is a perfect vehicle to:

  • Develop critical thinking

  • Promote personal, school & societal values

  • Develop key competencies

  • Support student well-being. 

  • Carry all sorts of curriculum content - Science, Social-Studies, History & Geography...

Read more about the literacy, cultural and content learning benefits of designing a curriculum around oral storytelling and core books here. 

Why teach the storytelling way?


Choose an effective learning & teaching pathway.


Empower teachers as oracy teaching pioneers. 


Give students their voice - help them to become our confident, articulate employees, leaders, compassionate humans and active-involved citizens of tomorrow.